Penn Foster High School

Penn Foster High School



Penn Foster High School is a convenient and affordable solution to finally earn the nationally and regionally accredited diploma you were meant to have. It’s no secret that finding a job or continuing on towards secondary education is difficult to nearly impossible without a high school diploma, and Penn Foster High School is there to help you earn your High School Diploma and begin your path toward a new career or higher education. Regardless of your personal circumstances or stage in life, Penn Foster High School, with its flexible course schedule and online community support, will help you earn your high school diploma at your own pace through its online high school.



PFHS allows you to customize study plans to your schedule, as you share the amount of time you have and your availability to study. Form there, you are given day-by-day guides on the work you need to complete and goals to achieve in order to earn your high school diploma. For this reason, Penn Foster High School is one of the largest distance learning diploma programs in the United States. PFHS offers many options to their high school program as well, as you can select from one of their concentrations. Their Early College Program is great if you intend on continuing your education at a university, or you can get started towards a career path with their Career Concentrations in Healthcare, Information Technology, Carpentry, Electrical, and Plumbing. And if you simply need a few credits to achieve your diploma, PFHS will work with you to craft a program to fit your specific needs.

Social Life

Penn Foster High School is focused on providing a variety of flexible options in the online learning space. This is not a school for socializing with friends or an institution with campuses or a traditional scholastic setting. Instead of socializing with other students in a classroom setting, you will be communicating with others online. That being said, PFHS provides nothing less than a dynamic scholastic community. The most important aspect here is that you are never on your own. Support is there whenever you need it, through their online community, expert instructors, and support staff.


As mentioned previously, Penn Foster High School is not a “campus” school in the traditional sense of the word, but it does manage to deliver a dynamic online campus environment to its students. Penn Foster High School won the prestigious 2013 Social Media Leadership “Voice of the Future” Award, as a premier online student community. Discussion groups, academic groups, and faculty and student interactions seamlessly integrate to provide this virtual campus experience.

Final Review

From convenience, flexibility and affordability to accreditation, Penn Foster High School will help you continue on to the next stage in your life. Get started on climbing the education and career ladder and earn your diploma from PFHS, where you can leverage a support system and online campus community to help you take the first step towards success.


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